Dear Decision Maker,

You have to better answer the question “Why You?” That’s the question that all your prospects are asking “Why You and not someone else or even something else?”. This process is what turns prospects into profitable sales.

At Icon Builder Media we have a strong belief that being an Icon in your industry will best separate you from the competition!

We have an award winning track record with proven formulas designed to raise a person or products Icon status. The key is Social Proof. This 3rd party content that markets and sells you independently is paramount when it comes to increasing sales conversions.

We specifically help you…
1. Get Featured in the Media
2. Build an Icon Website
3. Write and Release your own Book
4. Launch your own Magazine
5. Book Speaking Gigs
6. Capture Testimonials and Endorsements
7. Monetize your Knowledge and Experiences
8. Convert more Sales with an Icon Status

We have worked with award winning celebrities, best selling authors and Inc. 500 organizations. Contact us today for a Discovery Call and a Custom Proposal to see what we can do for you.

Best Wishes,



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Love What You Do

“When you LOVE what you do, nothing else matters.” ~ David T. Fagan

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